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Namaste and Welcometo binodranabhat.com.np. It's a personal website of Binod Ranabhat, Founder, Webmaster, Designer and Programmer of Meropokhara.com. This website will cover few of My portfolio, some of my works and experience.

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My Compete Résumé..

Personal Information

Pic 1 Name : Binod Ranabhat
Occupation : Student, Web Programmer, Founder of Meropokhara.com
Marital Status : Unmarried
Nationality : Nepali
Address : Sishu Niketan Marg, Ward No.17 Pokhara, Nepal
Website : www.binodranabhat.com.np

Personal Contact Information

Website : www.binodranabhat.com.np  [Personal]  www.meropokhara.com [Official]. 
E-Mail: wantedtodie@hotmail.com [Personal] , admin@meropokhara.com [Official] .
Mobile : +977-9804155255, +977-9851018916

My Experiences

•   Website Designer and Programmer
•   Graphic Designer
•   Computer Hardware Troubleshooter
•   SLR Photography
•   SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
•   Teaching Computer Technology

Work Experiences

•   Worked as a COURSE INSTRUCTOR of Office Application, Web Page Designing and Programming in CSE, College of Software Engineering for 2 years [1st March 2005 to 30th June 2007].
•   Working as a FOUNDER, ADMINISTRATOR, DESIGNER, PROGRAMMER of Meropokhara.com since 5th February 2007.
•   Developed various categories’ of client’s websites like schools, hotels, business, entertainment and educational portals etc..

My Recent Workouts and Clients

•  Meropokhara.com
•  Emergedgroup.com
•  Srijanahss.edu.np
•  Diamondhss.edu.np
•  HotelStupa.com
•  Hamroamarsingh.com
•  KUMJ.com.np
•  JNDA.com.np
•  Award.edu.np
•  Thehomeandlife.com

Reports and Projects Presented

•   2003 ‘Demographic Report on the Human development in Pokhara sub metropolis’.
    •  Submitted as a part of the project report for Population Education..
    •  Detailed study on the various factors of the demographic changes..

•   2004 ‘Phewa Lake Watershed Area: Detailed report on Environmental Activities’
    •  Submitted as a part of the project report for Environmental Studies..
    •  Detailed report on the effect of human habitation nearby the lake..
    •  Detailed study of the historical importance of Barahi temple (situated in the middle of the lake).
    •  Detailed study about the drainage system of the lake..
    •  Detailed study about the socio-economic, biological, physical and historical aspects of the Lake.

•   2006 Report on Basic Water Quality Parameters in Seti River around Pokhara
    •  Submitted as a part of the Practical project report for Chemistry..
    •  Detailed report on the Basic water quality parameters of river.
    •  Detailed study on the major pollution causing factors of river.

•   2007 Its Bingo !!! Let’s Play a Game….
    •  Developed a Small Game named as “Its Bingo !!! Lets Play a Game…”
    •  Submitted as a part of the practical project for Computer.
    •  Developed in restricted “C” environment.

Computer Software Proficiency:

Operating systems :
All Windows PC version; DOS

Office Application :
MS-Word, Adobe PageMaker, MS Publisher, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS-Excel, MS Outlook Express, Microsoft Office Outlook

Web Applications and Technology :
Internet explorer, Netscape navigator, Internet mail, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, MS-FrontPage, MS Publisher, Domain Management, Concept of E-Commerce, File Transfer Protocols, Web Host Manager

Computer Graphic softwares :
Adobe Photoshop, MS-PowerPoint

Animation Softwares :
Ulead GIF Animator, SWISH, FLASH.

Multimedia Softwares :
Ulead Video Studio, CD Authoring Softwares (NERO)

Web Designing Softwares :
Microsoft FrontPage, Dream Weaver

Blog Softwares:

Programming Languages :
Q-BASIC, HTML, PHP, MY-SQL, Java Script, Visual Basic, C, C++

Server Systems :
Working under Linux Web Server, Apache Web Server, Wamp Web Server

Computer Hardware Maintenance and Troubleshoot :
Computer Assembling, Installing Hardware Components and Trouble shooting, Networking, NTFS/FAT and Quota Management.

Responsibilities Held

•   2002-2004 Nepal Junior Red Cross Society of SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Gandaki.
Pic 1     •  Executive Committee Member 2002.
    •  Executive Precedent 2003-2004.

•   1999-2000 Library Prefect SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Gandaki.
    •  Helped in record keeping and general running of the school library.
    •  Donated a few books to the school Library..

Voluntary Activities

•   Organized and took part in various community development projects including road maintenance and awareness campaigns..
Pic 1 •   Volunteered in various community sanitation campaigns..
•   Organized and participated in various drug and HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns..
•   Helped to organize various talk programmes in the school for the purpose of Drug and HIV/AIDS awareness..
•   Blood Donations
    •  19th , 21st , 22nd SOS Day [SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Gandaki Rambajar, Pokhara Nepal, 2004, 2007, 2008].
    •  During the emergency blood camping.[Pokhara-Japanese language and cultural center, Pokhara Nepal, 2006].
    •  Donated blood in the Bhujel Samaj Swea Samati [Kaski Nepal, 2009].

Co-curricular And Extra Curricular Activities

•   2003 Intra School English Essay Writing Competition
•   2004 Intra School Nepali Essay Writing Competition
•   2006 Intra Class Quiz Competition
•   Actively participated in various games and other physical education training organized by the Physical Education Department, SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Gandaki during the school days.[ 2004- 2006].

Fields of Interests

•   Computer Technology : PC Troubleshooting, Hardware, Internet, Web Page Designing, Web Programming, and E-Commerce.
•   Traveling, Playing Badminton, Photography, Social service.
•   Teaching.