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Article >> Bridge :: Life and Death ??

There is duality in existence, you can not simply choose one of the poles either, for instance there is no chance as such that you simply choose life and ignoring death, or you can not choose happiness just ignoring sadness, you can not simply choose day just ignoring night, they exist as if they overlap each other, when you see it distinctly, you can not see the exact difference either, they are complement you know, they exist together or in a sense they co-exist, yet we try to confine ourselves just choosing the happy ending at times and we try to refrain from the one which gives us anxieties and suffering. This is the philosophy of life, it exists together, and talking about life and death, we always walk in the bridge of life and death, only you are missing it, cause you are confused to know the very mystery of existence that in real essence there comes life and death every moment , each slipping moment is death and you come to realize and experience the new one as life, this makes difference and you tend to think that you are walking in the other half of life, or you want to move ahead in the path of life just ignoring the path of death, in essence it is there, only you have to see it, there is nothing good or bad in life, it is you who make interpretation and brings the concept good or bad; life and death, day and night, heat and cold. How can you separate the exact point where day and night separate, there can’t be such an exact point that you can separate them, slowly day goes by and night comes in, in a way day is complement of night and so is night.

This is how things happen and this is the fundamental essence of life, you can not just love a girl, thinking that you want to give her love- the ultimate love, and if you think of giving only the love, perhaps you miss the point and your love will be a false love, that is a fake love, in reality hatred comes like how night comes as complement to the day, and your love is another half of hatred, it is miss of both, it is love that changes into hatred and so is hatred that changes into love, you should have eye to see the difference, don’t cling to any definition or what people talk about, if you go after the people and heads you will go mad, cause thousands and one heads talk about all nonsense and you will miss the real fruit of love, don’t even ask how to love a girl to the people, rather you love her by your own, if you ask you will go mad, cause people have rotten ideas and they give you rotten ideas and you miss love .