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Article >> Mystery

No one yet has been able to solve the mystery of life. Do we live just once or is there anything like reincarnation? The mystery still lingers. Someone has well said “Life is not a problem to be solved; it is a mystery to be lived” whatever it is, I believe we live only once. Life is a wonderful gift to enjoy and experience, so why not to live and do any kind of act. Traumas, sorrow, grief, pain etc are the access baggage that comes along the path of life. So why should we surround ourselves with those bondage? Rather let’s be what we want to be; do what we feel to do; go where our heart wants us to go; let our heart rule our head.

If you are doing something just to please others despite your least interest upon the work then you are wasting your precious time and enjoyment of life. People may expect bigger things from you but those expectations at times can indeed work your life. Never hesitate to express your feelings because they say hesitation is like a stepson; “if he doesn’t wash his hand he is called dirty and if does, he is wasting water”, that’s why always we should feel free to express ourselves regardless of what other might think about you. It’s our life and it’s only we can make worthy living it. It is you to look anything. So don’t always dream for the magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside your window.

Remember we have only one life. You cannot step in the same river twice. The river changes every second, so does our life. If you will see a glass of water that is half of water and you say “it is half filled” but at the same time rest of the world may say that you are wrong and give an argument that “the glass is half empty”. Do not step back thinking that you are wrong rather fight with the better argument with confidence believing your vision. Now the reality comes both being right. That is only the criticism. So people had a habit not to agree in others word and they prove their things as above. So never step back if you feel that you are right and confident. Fight with logic, the rest world will go back.

We always shouldn’t make our things a dead dog because no one ever kicks a dead dog. Let the people criticize on your work or words. Don’t worry because one of the worse part or worrying is it destroys our ability to concentrate. When we worry our mind jumps here and there and everywhere and we finally loose the power of decision. We should not try to saw the sawdust.